We are sad to say goodbye, but the time has come. 

Radiant Health Day Spa has helped many individuals manage pain through therapeutic massage, energy work, and life coaching.  Our spa was our calling, and we loved seeing clients walk easier, stand taller, and cope better.  

Nature flows from one season to the next with grace and ease.   Life, too, has seasons.  Though sometimes we resist the change, nature pulls us effortlessly (and sometimes kicking and screaming) into the next phase of life.   We enjoyed many seasons during our 23 years.  Now, it is time to transform into a new calling.  

Through therapeutic massage and energy work, our hands made a world of difference for many.  In this new season, we will continue to use our hands to write inspirational, healing, and, yes, humorous works to continue being a service to the world.  We will reach more people and transform more lives.  We are a new source of positivity for a world in desperate need of healing.

  We invite you on this journey to step into this season of transformation.   Find peace from within and radiate it.  If we find our inner strength, a positive perspective, and the grace to move through life with ease, our world can achieve peace. 

You are cordially invited
to join us
on the quest for
peace and harmony.

Kindly leave your luggage behind; you will not need it.
Disconnect from drama.
Blanket your past with forgiveness - for yourself and others.

All you need is your smile and an open heart.

Buona Cosa Sempre
Radiant Health Inc.