Where can I purchase a gift certificate?

We have two easy ways to purchase gift certificates; online or in the spa.  Our online gift certificate is an 'e-gift' processed through Square.  You will be able to choose the theme, purchase amount, and day the 'e-gift' is sent via email.  If you call or text 816.224.0300, you can order a personalized gift certificate.  We need to know the occasion, recipient, giver, and service(s) or dollar amount.  Once we have all this information, we will schedule a time for you to pick up the gift certificate.

What should I wear to the spa?

Comfortable clothing is best.  We recommend avoiding items like silk, as the oil on your skin from your service may cause damage to the article.

How long is my service?

All service times reflect the 'hands-on' time.  We recommend allotting an extra thirty minutes to your schedule for filling out forms, dressing, and undressing, using the restroom, checkout, and scheduling your next service.  (For example - a sixty-minute massage, allow ninety minutes in your schedule.)  Being rushed is stressful, and we are not a 'McDonald's-esk' spa where the focus is on the number of services!  Our spa's focus is on you, the quality of each treatment, and providing a relaxing retreat!

Do I have to completely undress?

No.  The goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment.  You may undress to the level of your comfort.  We strickly adhere to the State law for draping - all private areas must be covered by a drap at all times during service. 

Where are you located?

We are located in the strip center behind 54th Street Restaurant just South of 40 HWY & 7 HWY in Blue Springs.  Come in through Fazeek Fitness's main door, and take a right.  We are the second door on the right!

Do you take walk-ins?

To accommadate a varity of schedules, we offer services are by appointment only.  Please call or text 816.224.0300, to reserve the next available opening.

How can I schedule an appointment?

It is easy; call or text  816.224.0300.  If we do not answer it is because we are caring for another client.  We WILL return you call/text as soon as possible.  Please note -all services are by appointment only.

Can you you do facials?

Radiant Health offers two skin tightening treatments that are not traditional facials.  For best results, we recommend purchasing a package.  Our skin tightening treatments are $125 for face, or $150 and up for one area of the body.

If you prefer a traditional facial, we highly recommend Karei Alewine at Just Waxed.  She is located inside our spa and offers a full line of waxing and facials.  You can call or text Kari at 816.309.7973