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Radiant Health Day Spa has helped many individuals manage pain through therapeutic massage, energy work, and life coaching.  Our spa was our calling, and we loved seeing clients walk easier, stand taller, and cope better.

Nature flows from one season to the next with grace and ease.   Life, too, has seasons.  Though sometimes we resist the change, nature pulls us (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the next phase of life.   We enjoyed many seasons over 23 years, but time urges us to change.

Our hands made a difference through holistic therapies.  Now, we will use our hands to write inspirational, healing, and humorous works to encourage healing.  Through words, we will be a source of positivity for a world in desperate need of healing.

We invite You on the journey into a season of transformation.   Find the peace within you and radiate it.  Our world can achieve peace if we find our inner strength, a positive perspective, and the grace to move through life with ease.

Buona Cosa Sempre

Radiant Health Inc.

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Mindfulness Moments

Your day is filled with rushed moments that equate to a hectic day.  By taking a Mindfulness Moment, you will: ​

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase Happiness

  • Improve Productivity

Since 1998, Radiant Health Day Spa has provided Mindfulness Moments for individuals like you.  Our guru will teach you how to create the mental space and time for daily Mindfulness Moments.

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